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Transfer of Kontakt.io beacons 

For you to have full access to your new beacons, they have to be transferred to your Kontakt.io account.
For this you need a free account with Kontakt.io.

Then please send us the mail address you used to register as well as the four letter codes on the back of the beacons.
We will then transfer the beacons to your account as fast as possible.

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Forecum 201 Beacon with temperature sensor and BlueTemp App 

To get the Forecum 201 Bluetooth Beacon with temperature sensor to show in the BlueTemp app,
the beacon's name has to include the word 'SKY'.
Examples: SKYBEACON, SKYtemp, Livingroom SKY ....
here for information on how to change the name.

Produkte: Forecum 201 Bluetooth Beacon with temperature sensor

How do I switch on the D15 UFO Bluetooth Beaon? 

The On/Off Switch is hidden inside the device.
One side of the beacon is softer than the other. Turn the soft side up and hold the beacon between your thumb and forefinger.
With your thumb, press in the middle of the beacon for about 3 seconds. You'll feel the pressure point of the switch.
After approx. 3 seconds a blue light will light up inside the beacon.
The device is now switched on.
To switch of the beacon, repeat above steps but press for about 5 seconds.
The light inside the beacon will flash 3 times.
The Beacon is now switched off.

Products: D15 UFO Bluetooth Beacon

Configuration of Forecum beacons with iOS app 

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Change battery of the Estimote Proximity Beacon 

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